2019 Blazer Blast Schedules


We are very excited to have the opportunity to play volleyball with and host your teams. We look forward to a time of fellowship, competition, and fun for all those involved. We want to forward information that may help coaches, student-athletes, and their families prepare for the Blazer Blast Tournament on September 28, 2019.

TIME: Gym opens at 7:00 am, Coaches Meeting @ 7:30 for all Coaches; and first games start @ 8:00.
PLACE: Xcel Sportsplex
ADDRESS: 37 Maxwell Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28791
(Exit #44 off I-26)

ENTRY FEE/ADMISSIONS: (wristband must be worn, coaches and all non-athletes must have wristband): Parents and immediate family members of each Trailblazer volleyball athlete can get a wrist band on Friday at the home games.

  • Players & Coaches – no charge (names must be on submitted roster) TEAM CHECK IN WILL BE AT THE NORTH ENTRANCE GYM DOORS – NOT THE MAIN ENTRANCE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BUILDING.
  • Adults – $6
  • Students – $3
  • Age 5 & Under – no charge

2019 Blazer Blast Schedules


The Western Carolina Athletic Association (WCAA)/ Asheville Trailblazers endeavor to play their best, respect everyone on the playing court, and compete honestly and fairly so as to glorify and honor God with the talents and skills that He has uniquely given each and every athlete.

Spectators are asked to abide by the following statement:

Teams shall be supported with enthusiasm and dedication, for strong spectator support is a vital part of the team competition experience. We expect good sportsmanship from players and coaches, and they have a right to expect the same from spectators and fans. Therefore, we urge students, parents, and friends to cheer their teams to victory and be courteous, careful in choice of expression, and mannerly to all others. The scoreboard will reflect the quality of the teams in competition. The kind of support given by the spectators will showcase the character of the team’s fans. We also expect spectators and fans to cooperate with tournament staff in creating a safe environment for the players, officials, and other spectators.

The coach of each team will be responsible for their spectators’ conduct. Inappropriate spectator conduct will not be tolerated. The coach or team official is expected to address inappropriate conduct expeditiously. Continued inappropriate spectator conduct couldresult in technical fouls against their team and expulsion from the game.

Western Carolina Athletic Association/ Asheville Trailblazers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is directed by the WCAA Board.

Blazer Blast Tournament Details:


2019 Blazer Blast Schedules


  • Please email rosters by Sept. 20th, with coaches (2 coaches/support staff per team please) names to wcaa@bellsouth.net
  • I will need athletes first and last name as well as jersey number. I will need this information for each team in your program. So, please put the School / Program Name and what division (MSG, JVG, VG).
  • You do not have to bring balls; one ball cart will be available at each court for teams to share.
  • Reminder: Parents should not call Xcel Sportsplex, please send all questions through a coach or one team contact.
  • Please remind parents that siblings and fans may not use any vacant courts for playing, especially with volleyballs.
  • No ball handling in the halls or in the eating area outside
  • Tournament t-shirts and hoodies will be available to purchase at the tournament (limited number available, please preorder)
  • Mandatory Coaches Meeting at 7:30 am on September 28th (near the North gate entrance outside unless it is raining)
  • Team check in will be at the North entrance. NOT at the main entrance in the middle of the building
  • After each game, teams should help pick up water bottles and trash from around the benches and around the facility throughout the day.
  • There will be chairs available inside the gym, fans should bring lawn chairs for outside gym area only.
  • No locker rooms, so athletes should come fully dressed in uniforms, nice bathrooms inside***no changing clothes in the gym
  • Concessions will be available
  • Teams are encouraged to bring a canopy & table to set up outside in order to get some fresh air and outdoor space. All coolers and team food must stay outside under canopies including crock pots, hot water warmers or any other electrical devices. Canopy set up in the grass area only away from the gym.
  • Only bottled or lidded water is allowed in the gym playing areas, all other food & drink must be eaten in the designated areas of the gym, lobby or outside. Please remind parents and athletes of the important gym rule!
  • Fans may sit only in designated chair areas and on the sides of the gym (not on the ends of the gym). Due to the number of games in the gym, parents and fans should sit on chairs during their team’s game only. Parents and families are not allowed to “claim” benches outside of the glass for the day.  Only sit on those benches during your teams matches.
  • One official will be present for all pool play and playoff games. There will be two officials for finals.
  • Two all-tournament selections for the opposing team, and one selection for your team need to be turned into the court monitor along with the scores after each pool play match. Form will be provided.
  • During pool play competition teams will play 2 games to 25 points Warm ups 2/2/1 with a 2pt. cap. Clock (for warm ups) will start running as soon as previous game is over. No coin toss, Home team (team listed 1st on the schedule) will warm up first and serve first. Coaches should ask officials about playable area during other teams warm up time. Please have your team prepared to play at least 15 min. prior to start time if needed. Line judges should report to officials during warm up time.
  • Teams will advance to playoff round based on their win/loss record per set in pool play. Tiebreaker rules will be discussed during coaches’ meeting.
  • Playoff games and finals will be best 2 out of 3 games. First two games to 25 & third game to 15 (no cap).
  • Each ‘ref’ team (during your assigned ref times) must provide a scorekeeper, scoreboard keeper, libero tracker (if needed), and two linesmen (at least 10 years in age or older) for each game they ref. During playoff and championship games we will allow parents to complete the ref. duties. Be sure that a coach checks out with the tournament director and collects your all tournament awards prior to leaving the gym for the day.
  • During play-off games highest-ranking team is home team. Home teams may be asked to provide scorekeeper, scoreboard keeper, libero tracker and linesman (parents or siblings 10 years old or older).
  • Please allow ample travel time so that the tournament can start on time. The Blazer Blast Tournament Director will make every effort to keep the tournament running smoothly and on time as much as possible.