WCAA - Asheville Trailblazers

WCAA Asheville Trailblazers

Thank you for your patience as we look through the various factors concerning the Spring 2021 Sports season with the Trailblazers. As with many things in life right now, there is uncertainty in what sports will look like this school year. We currently moving forward with all of our Spring 2021 Sports – Girls Soccer, Boys Tennis, Baseball, and Softball. We know the high value that our Trailblazers’ families place on these team sports and everything they have to offer. We also place a high value on the safety of the athletes and their family members. We are hopeful that our sports programs will be able to continue this season as we, and everyone else, continues to look at how to do this as safely as possible. Currently we do not have a place that we call our own and have to rent or find other facilities to practice, train, and play our home games or matches. Some of the facilities have been closed during the different NC Covid-19 Phases. Many are now open but under certain restrictions. We are in continuing conversations with the facilities we use to make sure we have places to practice and play and how we can fit into any guidelines or restrictions they might have. This may require some moving around and location changes as we progress though the season and may also require some flexibility from our families as some weeks may look different than others. We look forward to this season with cautious optimism and hope you will continue this journey with us.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about the upcoming season.

Bryan Worthy
President – WCAA Asheville Trailblazers