Our “Tryouts” work on a couple of different levels. Some of our sports have tryouts to determine skill levels and then proper division placement (Varsity or Junior Varsity). Some of our sports have a limited number of roster spots and tryouts are used to determine which athletes will be placed on the team and which ones may not quite be ready this season.

Tryouts also are a way for student athletes to “try out” a sport to see if it might be a good fit for them and for the athlete’s family.

There is a $5.00 Tryout Fee/Sport**. (A separate Sports fee and Registration forms will be collected after the Tryout process is complete. The Sports fee is different for each sport and will be posted at the beginning of the session).

** If an athlete played a Fall 2018 Sport with the Trailblazers and paid a $20 membership fee, no additional Tryout fees will be collected for that athlete for the 2018-2019 Season. (The Sports fee will still be required).

Sign Up for Tryouts

Currently signing up for Baseball, Softball, Girls Soccer and Boys Tennis Tryouts.

Tryouts (mini)FAQ

Q – Do I still need to sign up for Tryouts if I attended a Skills Session?
A – Yes you do.

Q – Do I still need to sign up for Tryouts if I played a Fall or Winter Sport?
A – Yes you do.

Q – Is there any situation where I do not need to sign up for Tryouts?
A – No there is not.